We all need a little help sometimes. Our courses build confidence and camaraderie among peers while developing a learning community.

Every semester, we offer a schedule of courses for middle schoolers and high schoolers. Some courses are offered online for students around the world, while other classes are taught locally at our center in Hancock, Michigan. We tailor our online and in-person classes to the educational needs of the student cohort in each course–adjusting rigor and difficulty to meet learning outcomes.

We teach academic subjects, practical skills, and self confidence to ensure each child who studies with us will learn as much as possible for academic success. Classes prepare students for the rigorous standards expected by top universities around the world.

All courses are taught by college educated experts who understand teaching and technology to maximize learning within a limited class time.


Online Courses

Small classes are held on Zoom. Please contact us for the Summer and Autumn schedule.

Online Schedule

American History

English reading

English writing

Middle school Math

Research Skills

Social Studies & Geography

World History

Keweenaw Courses

Small classes are taught in the Jutila Center. Please contact us for the scheduled courses.

Keweenaw Schedule

AP English Language & Composition

AP US Government

AP US History

English critical reading

English academic writing

Research writing & citations

University Personal Statements

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Let’s learn together.