We all need a little help sometimes. Often the difference between success and failure is a good teacher to answer questions. Our after school program provides a safe study environment to help students finish their schoolwork and read for fun.

Every school day from 3:45 pm to 6:00 pm, KLC encourages middle schoolers and high schoolers while studying in our Hancock center. Jeff and Rehema, both certified teachers, supervise students in a study hall environment while assisting individuals with tough homework questions.

During this time, some students also sign up for one-to-one tutorials to get extra help in courses where they are struggling, while other students work on a special project like writing creative stories or preparing for an academic fair. We tailor this after school time to the needs of the students encouraging everyone in the center to become independent learners with curiosity and grit.

The Keweenaw Learning Center teaches academic content, practical skills, and self confidence to ensure each child who studies with us will learn as much as possible and succeed academically. This kind of study environment helps prepare students for the rigorous standards expected in university and work environments.

Our after school program is supervised by college-educated experts who understand teaching and who use technology to maximize learning.


Try our weekly package for

Daily after school schedule

If your child needs regular homework help and individual tutoring several days a week, this weekly package will provide focused guidance and encourage individual initiative.

Try our monthly package for

Once a week tutorials and study time

If your child has several other after school activities, but needs a weekly appointment for tutoring and homework help, a monthly package might be the best choice.

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